Human Resources


NCRC, Inc. currently has a need for the following positions.
  • Customer Care Representative
  • A Customer Care Representative is responsible for dispatching service calls, working closely with clients and field employees, and utilizing a software program to track all jobs. A Customer Care Representative manages a particular area and is the "liaison" between the field and the client, to ensure the job is done effectively as well as efficiently.

  • Field Service Technician

To apply, download the application or email your resume to our HR department. For more information call our toll free number: 800-992-0545


As a company, we employ over 125 individuals. Our goal is always to hire the right people...for the right the right the right place.

To help us do that, you can apply for positions with our company in two ways. If you are interested in opportunities at our corporate headquarters in San Diego, CA, you can submit your resume to Dave Marabella. Simply indicate what position you are interested in pursuing.

If, however, you want to apply for a Field Service Technician position with any of our regions throughout the Central and Western United States, you should submit your resume to our Human Resources department and indicate what City and State you would like to work in.

In either case, NCRC, INC. is always looking for individuals with the intelligence, talent, and skills required to contribute to our growth and success. If that's something you'd like to be a part of, we look forward to hearing from you.

NCRC, INC., and its subsidiaries, are committed to providing equal employment opportunities.


One of NCRC, INC.'s core values is its commitment to its employees. This commitment is embodied in the competitive and flexible benefits package the company offers its eligible employees. The package includes medical, dental and Vacation benefits for tenured employees. NCRC, INC. offers a program of quality benefits suited to the needs of a diverse organization.


NCRC, INC.'s business relies upon the efforts of more than 125 employees in over 15 regions throughout the Central and Western US. Amidst our diversity -- of services, markets, geographies, and people -- there is a shared commitment to values that binds us together into a cohesive organization.

We recognize that our success in the marketplace is a direct reflection of the skills, experience and dedication our people bring to their jobs every day. To help them do their best, we seek to provide a positive, productive work environment, based upon both mutual respect and a commitment to compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.

This means, for example, that we provide equal employment opportunities, engaging in recruiting, hiring, training, promotion and other human resources activities that do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, disability or veteran status. And we understand that all of our employees share in the responsibility for supporting our harassment-free and drug-free workplace policies.

By remaining true to values like these, we've managed to build the industry recognized leader in our profession.

Our values are solid, and we work hard to maintain them firmly and consistently every day.


Every day at NCRC, INC., we strive to offer our customers the broadest possible array of high-quality services. But amidst all our diversity -- of services, markets, geography, and people -- there is a shared commitment that binds us together in a cohesive organization: our commitment to NCRC, INC. Values.

Our NCRC, INC. values are:

Customer Focus

We recognize the importance of listening to, understanding and responding to our customers' needs. We consistently seek to improve our performance by developing and utilizing the best skills and adopting the most effective technology. We perform each job right, and we strive to develop innovative services to meet our customers' needs.

Commitment to our Employees

Our people are our greatest asset. We treat our employees with respect, helping them to realize their potential by providing equal opportunity and avenues for advancement in a safe workplace.


We conduct all aspects of our business in an ethical and legal manner. We honor commitments to our customers, suppliers and employees and deal with them in an honest and forthright manner to win and retain their trust, recognizing there is no right way to do the wrong thing.


We strive for excellence by taking pride in what we do, acting as an owner, promoting initiative, innovation and responsible risk-taking, and rewarding originality and creative solutions. In this manner, we anticipate, create and capitalize on opportunities for growth.